An army marches on its stomach

Our customers perform some of the most challenging roles in the world – maintaining peace and security, often, in some of the World’s most challenging environments.

Performing these critical roles also means time away from home and families. Our role is to work with our partners to create a ‘home away from home’. At the heart of most homes is the kitchen – and it is no exception when we create ‘homes away from home’ for our troops.

Every day we provide exceptional meals for over 5000 troops in combat and security zones. We believe food is not just about ‘fuel’ – although it’s a well known fact an army marches on its stomach – but we build, manage and service DFACs in which comrades meet, bread is broken and friendships bonded.

Talk to us about what make our DFACs exceptional and the part they play in providing a home away from home for our service personnel across the globe.

“Every day we provide exceptional meals for over 5000 troops in combat and security zones.”


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